Handcrafted in Germany

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Fiberglass decorations unique in the world

Innovative and filigree design

Short production times

Production of own designs possible

weather resistant and UV-continual

Unbreakable fiberglass

We use 100% fiberglass, which we hand-wind into distinctive decorations. With our products as a base, all decoration possibilities are open to you.


With us, you can realize projects that are beyond your imagination. Whether 16 m cones, 7 m stars or 3,5 m spheres: At masson® you will find decorations in incredibly large sizes.


We cooperate with many decorators worldwide and jointly develop solutions for many projects. You can also share with us your individual wishes and we will develop with you the appropriate decorations.


We now carry well over 350 products that meet every requirement. Our range is constantly supplemented and completed by many different sizes. 

Handcrafted in Germany

„Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. You can realize with us unique decoration projects that you will not find anywhere in the world. Our manufactory builds from weatherproof fiberglass according to your wishes or we give you products that have been used many times and in many countries. Whatever you have in mind, you have come to the right place.“

Marco Knabe